Shot Blasting Brickwork

We were called to quote for removing the plastic like coating from this house near Spalding, Lincolnshire.

We looked over the property, so we could decide on the correct shot to use for this particular job.

Every job is different, from agricultural to machinery, motoring or brick work, they all need the right shot for the job.

shot blasting house

Shot Brickwork

Shot blasting is a process of cleaning and preparing surfaces by using a high-pressure stream of abrasive particles. It is a common method for cleaning brickwork, as it can remove dirt, grime, and paint without damaging the underlying brickwork.

We used a shot blasting gun with a water feed, so there was limited dust, as this was a residential area of Spalding. 

Also, for getting up above head height, we brought in the cherry picker, so we could reach all areas in safety.

Shot blasting brickwork is a relatively safe process, but there are some safety precautions that should be taken. These include:

Wearing protective clothing, such as a dust mask, goggles, and gloves.
Ensuring that the area is well-ventilated.
Using a low-pressure shot blaster to avoid damaging the brickwork.

Shot blasting brickwork can be a messy process, so it is important to cover any nearby areas with plastic sheeting to protect them from the debris.

Here are some of the benefits of shot blasting brickwork:

  • It can remove dirt, grime, paint, and many other brick finishes without damaging the underlying brickwork.
  • It can create a uniform surface that is ready for painting or staining.
  • It can remove loose mortar and make the brickwork more secure.

Here are some of the drawbacks of shot blasting brickwork:

  • It can be a messy process.
  • It can be noisy.
  • It can be dangerous if not done properly.

Overall, shot blasting brickwork is a safe and effective way to clean and prepare brickwork for painting or staining. However, it is important to take the necessary safety precautions and, of course, hire a professional.

Spalding house before shot blasting

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