Powder Coating

Powder coating is a process of spraying metallic coatings onto various substrates, usually at high pressure.

It differs from spray-painting because the substrate is not painted with liquid paint; instead, powder coating uses granular materials called powders.

The powders are specifically designed to be dissolved at elevated temperatures; high temperature allows for the metals to be melted and solidified at once. The parts can then be hot-rolled or further processed after cooling down.

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Powder Coating

The most durable and efficient method of coating a part. It goes on like paint but has the added benefits of resistance to corrosion, chemical and thermal fatigue, and abrasion. It’s a type of electrostatic coating applied to metal surfaces and is certainly an economical alternative for decorative and protective paint or primer.

The Benefits

This process offers a variety of benefits over spray-painting, such as reduced maintenance.

This amazing process has actually been used for more than 50 years.

It’s fast and easy to use and can produce highly decorative products with unique properties not achievable via other methods.


Another benefit in that it has improved durability, and increased production efficiency.

In addition, it is an environmentally friendly alternative to spray-painting because no solvents are used. Powder coating uses only granular materials and there is little waste generated from the process.

The Process

It’s the process in which a layer of powder is applied to the surface of an object.
The powder helps reflect light and make the colour on the surface appear as if it was wet-painted.

This makes for a harder, more durable finish that lasts longer than paint. Powder coating has so many uses, and is not that expensive.


Powder Coating Services for all industries

Powder coating is ideal for car wheels and motorbike parts and applications because it has been designed specifically for high-impact industrial applications.

We believe in in the power of powder coating.

Powder coating is often considered to be more durable than paint and can protect against scratches, discolouration and fading over time. It is also typically more resistant to water and chemicals, making it a good choice for outdoor areas.

Powder coating is an economical option.

A good powder coating will also have a solid color coverage and a high gloss finish. When compared to paint, powder coating is more durable than paint; it doesn’t require sealing; and it offers better resistance to dirt and moisture buildup.

  • Powder coating is world-renowned for its durability and corrosion resistance. Powder coating can be applied to an unlimited range of surfaces, including metal, plastic, wood, concrete, rubber, leather, glass and more.

  • It’s a durable finish that can last up to 10 years.

    Powder coating is a process of applying an abrasive powder to metal surfaces to create a tough, durable and corrosion-resistant coating.

  • This process can be used to coat any type of surface, from cars to machinery. Powder coating helps protect against rusting, corrosion, and wear and tear.

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